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“I highly recommend the team at Devvco to any founders looking to build world-class products in a short time-frame.”

Spencer Cook
CEO at Continuum
Spacial Computing and Web3
Orem, Utah

Devvco and Continuum: Strategic Partnership to Deliver Web3 Apps & More

The Client: Continuum

Continuum is a leading agency specializing in the creation of virtual and augmented reality applications, heavily involved in blockchain and immersive technologies. They are pioneers in spatial computing, crafting immersive experiences that redefine the boundaries of technology.

The Challenge: Crafting a Robust and Scalable Mobile Application

Despite their expertise in blockchain technology, Continuum faced a challenge. They needed to build a mobile application that would allow customers to use blockchain to redeem rewards from local businesses. Building a robust, scalable, enterprise-level mobile application was an area where they needed assistance. The mission was to rapidly build an MVP to validate the idea for their customer. To meet this challenge, Continuum partnered with Devvco.

"Devvco delivered an impressive mobile app for us in only 2 months. I would highly recommend them to any early stage companies looking to launch a successful digital product." - Michael Murdock, CCO at Continuum

The Solution: A Strategic Partnership with Devvco

Devvco embraced the project even though the project scope needed additional refinement. In close collaboration with Continuum and their client, we explored different angles, fine-tuning the scope of work for the MVP. Our approach focused on honing high-value features that would validate the concept and enable the client to gain initial traction. We employed Expo and React Native to develop an application that would be cross-platform ready.

Features and Design: A Blend of Technology and Aesthetics

The MVP included user authentication, a blockchain integration with Web3, and a Firebase backend that integrated merchant data provided by the client through their portal. Utilizing location data and QR code scanning, we developed a rewards redemption system. The blockchain was built on Solidity and Polygon. We also created a sleek UI/UX design, understanding the importance of aesthetics in increasing user adoption even at the early stages.

Quality and Security: The Pillars of Our Development Process

We adhered to the highest standards of quality and security in the application build. By leveraging industry-standard technologies like React Native and TypeScript, coupled with Firebase, we ensured a robust application. We emphasized security, ensuring that customers' rewards and data were securely managed.

Results: Rapid MVP Delivery and Strategic Partnership

Despite the project's complex nature, Devvco delivered the MVP in accelerated timeline of 2 months. While it's too early to determine the project's long-term success, Devvco's involvement underscores our ability to rapidly develop world-class solutions that exceed technical and design expectations.

Our relationship with Continuum extends beyond this project. We continue to support them with backend scripts for their AR games and perform security audits for their enterprise-level clients. This successful strategic partnership demonstrates the synergistic power of our collaboration.

Looking Ahead: A Strategic Partnership for Future Innovations

Continuum and Devvco's relationship exemplifies the power of strategic partnerships. As we move forward, we're excited to continue working with Continuum on future projects, bringing together our strengths to deliver cutting-edge mobile and web applications for their clients.

At Devvco, we understand that rapid, quality software development can make the difference between an idea and a successful product. In partnering with us, you're choosing a team committed to bringing your vision to life.

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