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"Streamlining our custom installation processes with Devvco has been a total game changer for us, and allows us to serve our high-end clientele significantly faster."

David Powell
Legion Automation
Electrician Services
Orem, Utah

Streamlining Operations for Legion Automation

The Client

Legion Automation (AV) is a high-end home theater and home security installation company based in Park City. Catering to billionaire clients, Legion AV thrives on meticulous attention to detail and flawless execution. With a small team handling an array of complex tasks, managing operations smoothly was a daunting challenge. Despite exploring several off-the-shelf software solutions, nothing seemed to cater to their unique requirements.

Dave Powell, the CEO of Legion AV, recalls,

"Managing the company without software was a nightmare. Streamlining our operations with Devvco has been a total game changer for us."

The Problem

The main issues Legion AV faced revolved around inventory management, task management for technicians, and client/invoice management. Without a centralized system, tracking inventory and job statuses turned into an uphill battle. Complicating the situation, the team of technicians wasn't particularly tech-savvy, which meant any solution had to be intuitive and easy to use.

The Solution

Devvco started with investing time with the Legion AV team to understand their unique challenges. Once we had a clear understanding of the problems, Devvco crafted a custom solution that addressed their needs.

Using industry-leading tools, Devvco built a low-code system that included:

  • A job scheduling system to allocate tasks efficiently and prevent overlaps.
  • A task management system for technicians, which streamlined daily activities and improved productivity.
  • A failed job feedback system that reassigned inventory to tasks scheduled for the next day.

Devvco implemented role-based permissions to protect sensitive data while still ensuring easy access to relevant information for all team members.

The Outcome

Legion AV's productivity has doubled since the implementation of the new software. The custom-built system has not only improved their workflow significantly but also contributed to their growth potential.

In the words of Dave Powell, "Streamlining our operations with Devvco has been a total game changer for us."

"Streamlining our operations with Devvco has been a total game changer for us and we highly recommend them to other small businesses." - David Powell, CEO @ Legion Automation

Ongoing Support and Future Enhancements

Devvco continues to offer ongoing support to the Legion AV team. Any new feature requests are prioritized in the backlog and run through an approval process with key stakeholders.

In addition, Devvco is actively planning new phases for the project, which include further enhancements to inventory management and client management.

Overcoming Challenges

One of the unique challenges was dealing with a non-technical team at Legion AV. Everyone had different requirements expressed in their own way. The Devvco team had to interpret these requests in a way that made sense to our development team and could be effectively implemented.

This case study demonstrates Devvco's adaptability and commitment to providing value to our clients, no matter their budget or technical expertise.


Devvco's custom software has transformed Legion AV's operations, enabling them to focus more on their core competencies - providing high-end home theater and security installations. The scalable, low-code system grows with the company, accommodating new features as needed without the worry of switching software providers. Legion AV's productivity boost and streamlined operations stand testimony to the effectiveness of Devvco's custom solutions.

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